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Academy ConversionACADEMY CONVERSION – the Oxley and Coward Academy Team is here to help

The conversion of a school to an academy can present many benefits. When you have made the decision to convert you will need some assistance with the legal and commercial processes involved.

The Department of Education website contains a wealth of information about the steps a school must follow on the way to conversion to an academy and these include many specialist legal areas such as; charity, property / real estate, employment, company and business law.

We appreciate that your concerns will be to conduct the conversion smoothly, on time and on budget. You will not want to consult with a raft of different advisors and you will want to have a main point of contact throughout the whole process.

Turn to the Oxley and Coward Academy Team.

The Academy Team at Oxley and Coward will work with you to deal with all the legal issues ; leaving you time to concentrate on day to day school issues and other conversion preparations. From start to finish you can be sure that the project will tie in with timescales and you will have easy access to a key contact – assigned to your school.

For example, we will work with you in relation to:

  • The consultation process within the school, governors and the wider community;
  • Staff and union consultation about employment transfer issues;
  • Setting up the charitable trust and new company;
  • Due diligence of existing supplier contracts – leading to assignment, termination or renegotiation;
  • Property transfer issues – dependant upon how the school is currently set up;
  • The funding agreement and business transfer agreement;
  • Finding the right accountant, insurance broker and bank for the new Academy.

For more information and to set up a free, no obligation, consultation please contact: