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Help at the Police stationHelp at the Police Station or Court

Our Criminal Department is Partner led and the team works closely together to assist you with all Criminal matters from advice at the Police Station through to trial appearance at Court. We can also assist with appeals against convictions and sentence.

Our dedicated team handles cases in a sensitive and professional manner, ensuring that all cases are properly prepared and presented. We provide FREE representation at the Police Station day and night. This representation is FREE as all work will be covered by legal aid, regardless of an individuals financial circumstances.

We undertake publicly funded and private work, we can provide representation in both the Magistrates and Youth Courts. All cases will start off in the Magistrates Court no matter how serious the offence is, unless the defendant is aged 17 or under, in which case matters will start in the Youth Court. Our experienced solicitors will apply for legal aid where possible to cover your representation at Court.

If your case is too serious to be dealt with by the Magistrates or Youth Court, or you were provided with the option to elect Crown Court for your case to heard by a judge and jury, our Crown Court department are here to help. With your consent, we will instruct independent Barristers to represent you at Court and our representatives will ensure that you are kept informed of all developments. We will be with you from your initial Court appearance to your trial or sentence date.

We will be pleased to help you in any crime related matters.
Please email or call our 24 hour Helpline 01709 513682