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What is it?

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer which is medically linked directly to the inhalation of asbestos dust. Mesothelioma is a tumour of the pleura which is the lining around the lungs. A sufferer does not first have to develop Asbestosis before developing Mesothelioma. It takes approximately 40 years for the Mesothelioma  umor to cause symptoms. The symptoms usually start with breathlessness or with pain in the shoulder, back or chest as a result of the build up of fluid around  he lungs. It is not necessarily due to being exposed to asbestos for a lengthy period of time that a person develops Mesothelioma. It is not even necessary to have worked with asbestos, although the majority of sufferers have worked with asbestos. People who have lived near asbestos factories or have had a family member who worked with asbestos and returned to the home with asbestos on their work clothes could develop Mesothelioma.

DangerCan Mesothelioma be cured?

Unfortunately not. Mesothelioma is treated with radiotherapy and the pleural effusion building up around the lungs can be removed in order to relieve symptoms but there is no known cure.

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