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Motoring OffencesMotoring Offences

We specialise in all Motoring related offences. The accumulation of more than 12 penalty points or a conviction received for a drink driving related offence could result in the loss of your livelihood or even the loss of liberty. A defence may be available, do not assume that a conviction or financial penalty is inevitable. Come and see us for a free 30 minute consultation or telephone for initial FREE advice.

We can provide assistance with:

  • Drink driving offences.
  • Speeding offences.
  • Failure to provide notice of a drivers details.
  • Accumulation of penalty points and the totting up provisions which could result in disqualification. We can help with special reasons and exceptional hardship arguments which if successful could avoid a period of disqualification.
  • A wide range of other general motoring offences.

We will be pleased to help you in any crime related matters.
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