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Pleural PlaquesPleural Plaques

What are they?

The pleura is the lining of the lung which thickens as a result of exposure to asbestos. These areas of localised thickness are known as plaques. Pleural Plaques are benign and do not necessarily cause any symptoms.

How are they detected?

Pleural Plaques are visible only on X-rays or on a CT Scan. Many people who have worked with asbestos are unaware that they have them until they undergo an X-ray or a CT Scan. If you are concerned that you have being exposed to asbestos in the past, then we would recommend that you seek medical advice and undergo an X-ray or a CT Scan to ascertain whether you do suffer from Pleural Plaques.


Historically, claimants have been able to recover compensation for the anxiety caused as a result of knowing that they have Pleural Plaques. Pleural Plaques are begin and do not, themselves, cause any loss of life expectancy.

What happens if any of my former employers are no longer trading?

Over the years many companies have ceased trading. However, it is still possible to claim compensation if you or your solicitor can trace the insurer for the company.

Oxley & Coward have been trusted with hundreds of asbestos cases and have built up an extensive database of insurers for many companies. Therefore, it is possible that we already know the insurer for the company that you worked for.

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