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Vibration White FingerVibration White Finger

(Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome - HAVS)

Many people during their working life have used vibrating tools. These tools were supplied by their employers and they were expected to use the tools in order to speed up their working procedures. However, unbeknown to thousands of workers they were exposing themselves to a risk of developing Vibration White Finger and years of pain and misery. We at Oxley & Coward have helped hundreds of such workers to claim compensation.

Who used toolsWho used vibratory tools?

Workers in the following industries often used vibratory tools (this is not an exhaustive list)

  • Car Industry workers (both privately owned and under nationalisation)
  • Ship builders and repairers
  • Road construction workers
  • Local authority workers such as joiners, brick layers and masons
  • Rail workers
  • Power industry workers (CEGB and contractors)
  • Ex- nationalised industry workers such as YEB, British Gas
  • Steel workers such as Fettlers

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